About Us

The Miracle Trust is a Christian charity and company* with a vision to connect church, community and commerce in order that transformation can occur in their neighbourhoods and communities.

The Trust provides an accountable framework for the work of Alistair Beattie, a church-planter, sports chaplain, church consultant and motivational speaker, with a passion to see the Church impact the world.

Alistair and his wife, Caroline, along with their 3 children, Joseph, Matthew and Elloise, live on the south-east side of Sheffield where they planted Arbourthorne Community Church in 2001.  The church has now released Alistair from his role in local ministry, in order that he might serve the wider Church.

Alistair’s main roles are now Chaplaincy – he is currently serving Sheffield United Football Club as Sports Chaplain,  Preaching and Speaking at Churches – he is an inspirational speaker and communicator, and Networking Churches in the City – he believes passionately in the Church in Sheffield.


If you would like more information about the work that Alistair and Caroline do, and how they could serve your situation please email us:  info@miracle.org.uk


*The Miracle Trust is a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales, registered company number 5039579, and a registered charity, number 1103257.