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Back to the Future


Over the past few months, as Directors of The Miracle Trust we have concluded that it is going to be necessary to streamline the organisation in order to prepare for a new season of ministry.

After re-organising the leadership of Arbouthorne Community Church in 2014, we have therefore come to the following conclusions which we will be explaining in future posts:

  1. In order to be effective in ‘CONNECTING CHURCH, COMMUNITY and COMMERCE’ the Miracle Trust needs to step away from the day to day management of Arbourthorne Community Church – therefore ACC is to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), an entity in its own right.
  2. The Miracle Trust to to re-engineer itself in order to become an accountable framework for the ministry of Alistair and Caroline Beattie, who originally pioneered ACC into Arbourthorne, and now have a distinct call to serve the wider Church family, in Sheffield and beyond.
  3. The Charity has a remit to support and develop churches (including ACC) in the Kingdom mission of seeing a city transformed.  It will do this through releasing Alistair to pioneer work in the areas of Church Consultancy (serving and speaking at other churches), Chaplaincy in the City, and Networking with Church and Commerce in the City.

Over the next few weeks we will be outlining how these changes will take place, and keeping you up to date through our website and newsletters.

Key to the changes we are undertaking is the need to raise the level of financial support for the charity, and essentially for Alistair & Caroline.  They have been excellently supported by many people over the years, both inside ACC and out, and are very grateful for that generous support.  They, we,  are now looking to increase this base in order to move into a new season.

For Alistair and Caroline, this is just how things began way back in 2001, when they first went into Christian ministry.  In 2001, they took a ‘step of faith’ – or perhaps it was our STAKEHOLDERS taking a step of faith in them! – and began the journey of living by faith.  So, it seems as though we are being taken BACK in order to move in TO THE FUTURE

If you would be interested in giving financially to the work of The Miracle Trust, supporting the ministry of Alistair and Caroline, please get in touch with us on or download our finical giving form:

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Thank you for your support – both prayer filled, friendship fuelled and financial.

The Directors of the Miracle Trust.