Community Buildings

In 2008, The Miracle Trust was given the use of a youth centre on the Arbourthorne estate, by Sheffield City Council.   This building, The Spires Centre, became a central hub for the community and neighbourhood outreach work of the trust and Arbourthorne Community Church.

The innovative relationship between Miracle Trust and Sheffield City Council has enabled a run-down building to be transformed, thus providing the community with a hub of excellent community resources.

We believe that this relationship, which effectively sees Church working together with ‘Commerce’ in the city (Businesses and Local Government together) to see TRANSFORMATION in a Community, and that this could be replicated in other neighbourhoods.

We are prayerful, and hopeful, that the favour we have through our working relationship with the Council, can be extended, and may lead to us taking on other run-down or un-used community buildings and modelling what we have done in Arbourthorne:  with local church, passionate for God, and their community, demonstrating the unconditional love of God through these buildings, we could see community transformation across the whole city.

Please pray for us as we develop this vision.