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Easter News…

Happy Easter…
There’s lots to tell you, so put the kettle on, make yourself a hot drink, grab a biscuit or two, find a comfy chair, and settle down for the latest news from the Miracle Trust – plus the goings on of our new season in life…

Towards the end of November 2015, Caroline and Alistair felt that it would be appropriate to take a rest from their work at Arbourthorne Community Church (ACC). As you may remember, Alistair handed on the leadership of the church to Andrew Keel, however, Caroline was still serving on the ACC leadership and taking a lead role in much of their Sunday childrens’ work, as well as running the Spires Playgroup.

We began to realise that it was important for them, after handing the church on, to seek God for how to proceed in their future – and part of that would be to discern where they might be based church-wise. We also believe that it would be good for the leadership of ACC to have some space in which to develop things without the Church Founders being around. Caroline, therefore, came off the ACC leadership team in December, and things were put in place for her to hand on the running of the Spires Playgroup.

Over Christmas Alistair & Caroline prayerfully concluded that they needed a HOME BASE from which to minster from, but also a (temporary) accountability home where they’d be supported, encouraged and accountable, and so, in January they began to attend Hope House Barnsley, led by Paul and Julie Bedford.

The Directors of the Miracle Trust concluded sometime ago that it was time for ACC to come out from under the umbrella of the Miracle Trust. We are pleased to announce that ACC has now become an Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), giving it it’s own status. In the next few weeks we will be concluding the separation of ACC from the Miracle Trust which will mean that the two organisations are more streamlined for their own purposes and future.

The Directors of MT now recognise that the role of the trust is to be an umbrella for the developing work and ministry of Alistair & Caroline Beattie – which will focus on their call to serve other the wide church through Preaching & Speaking, Church Consultancy and Chaplaincy.

As the Miracle Trust completes this revamp, Alistair & Caroline have now become self-employed, and will no longer be employed directly by the Miracle Trust. The Miracle Trust will be able to support Alistair & Caroline with financial gifts given to the trust that are specifically earmarked for supporting their ministry, with Alistair serving the trust as a consultant. There are already a number of people and families that have decided to support the Beattie’s financially – we call this team our STAKEHOLDERS. We are so grateful for your support!

If you would like to become a STAKEHOLDER and support the developing ministry of Alistair Beattie – whether that is with a regular/monthly gift, or a one-off donation, please contact Alistair ( in the first instance.

We hope too, that Alistair will be invited to minister, serve and speak at other churches and thus receive a portion of his income from honorariums for his ministry.

Alistair has also been prayerfully considering a call he senses to serve as a Chaplain in the British Army. Work is currently underway to find a route through the rules and procedures currently in place which state that an Army Chaplain must be a recognised and ordained minister of one of the certified ‘sending churches’. Unfortunately, the free church (charismatic/evangelical/house-church side of things) are not actually readily recognised as a sending church, and so we are in discussion with the MOD to get some form of recognition in place. Watch this space! Pioneer work is underway here – so please pray for us!

It is such a privilege to be the Sports Chaplain at Sheffield United Football club. As Chaplain, I have access to all areas of the club, and spend two days a week at the ground, at 1st team training sessions, connecting with staff, the Manager, cleaners, groundsmen, and the Directors, plus I attend most of the home matches too!

Crucial to my role as Chaplain is building relationships – and this takes time. Some days I seem to be simply LOITERING WITH INTENT – being a (hopefully) Kingdom presence in the life of the club and its’ staff, and other days there are just some excellent ‘Holy moments’ – moments when it seems as though God has ordained opportunities to simply stand with people (players, staff and fans alike) as they face lifes difficulties. It is such an honour to connect and pray with and for people in times like this. Please pray for God’s wisdom for me, and for the power of the Holy Spirit to discern how to serve people at Sheffield United.

As a Sports Chaplain my work is overseen by both Sports Chaplaincy UK (SCUK), and Sheffield Sports Chaplaincy (SSC). In recent months SSC have been approached by South Yorkshire Fire Service to see if it could provide cover for, and develop, the role of Chaplaincy in the Fire Service. As part of this I have been invited to an induction day on 6th April, where I will then become Chaplain to the lads and lasses that serve us all in some of the most difficult situations.


After handing on the leadership of ACC Alistair is now available to preach in other locations. So far this year he, and the family, have made visits to the following churches:

January – North Street Congregational Church, Taunton with the amazing Vince and Janice Carrington. Alistair spoke at a church day on VISION, MISSION and VALUES and spoke at the Sunday morning service on BUILDING A CULTURE OF DISCIPLESHIP.

January – New Life Church, Sleaford with the excellent Chris and Lesley Bowater. Alistair was asked to speak on COURAGE at an invitational Sunday service.

February – Riverside Church, Southwell (Nottingham) led by the awesome Steve Wendels. Here Alistair spoke from Luke 5, on the CALLING OF THE FIRST DISCIPLES.

March – Christians in Sports Mens Event, Nottingham. Alistair was invited to speak to a group of men about his work as Sports Chaplain and Elite Endurance Athlete (yes, he’s one of those!) and weave in a bit of his testimony about God too!

Alistair has a few dates coming up in later in the year, but if you would like to book him to speak at your church or event please get in touch…

We thought we’d say something about Alistair’s swimming… Over the past few years Alistair has found a love of swimming and has been on an amazing journey within ‘swimming world’ – Windermere swims, Ice Mile Swims, Channel Relay swims and (hopefully) this year a Channel Solo which he is doing to raise money for Links International.

As we have been nearing the time when the Miracle Trust and ACC separate, we have known that our income would drastically decrease – and so, just as St. Paul (a New Testament dude) used Tent Making as an extra source of income when churches he ministered in could not support him financially, Alistair is using Swim Coaching to do the same. Amazingly, by the grace of God, Alistair is also seeing his portfolio of work and his many different worlds collide – Sports Chaplaincy and Swim Training in particular. How amazing are the routes through which God brings relationship and opportunities for His Gospel!

A massive thank you to those of you who have continued to financially support us as a family. It means a great deal to us to have your friendship, support, prayers and your genes giving!

If you would like to become one of our STAKEHOLDERS please do get in touch.

Gifts will go to the Miracle Trust, and be allocated to support our ministry. Please call us on 07798 683909 or email of you’d like to support us!




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